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Dating back to 2004, Image has been a full service personal styling firm and has catered to a very diverse clientele. Since inception, IEG has sought to expand business interests and dealings throughout several market sectors.

Image Enterprise Group LLC was founded in January 2006. Image Enterprise Group, d/b/a IEG Image Group, has dealings in a variety of business sectors, including: Fashion Design, Beauty, Creative Management (Talent Development and Branding), Nightlife/Entertainment, Media Publishing, Lifestyle (Salon and Spa Management), Art and Spirits. With this diverse stance, we plan to develop and attract customers in numerous markets along these various sectors. In our inaugural success, we will strive to maintain our personal image and build our business to become a global competitor in all of our aforementioned business interests. Through direct marketing strategies and building exclusive business relationships with some key companies, we will emerge in the luxury market as both a top tier brand and company. In doing so, we will continually pursue opportunities in all of our sectors and maintain customer satisfaction.

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